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The Concept:

Plug Into Profit
  • Nobody knows your customer better than you do!
  • Your client is ALREADY getting these services with someone else
  • This is revenue you're allowing to walk out the door!

Our Franchise System:

We know taxes and refund fulfillment!
  • We have over 15 years of tax experience
  • We provide exceptional tax training, support, financial products and services

Proven Strategy:

Businesses in motion STAY in motion!
  • Grassroots and pre-season marketing
  • Cash back fast: same day refund fulfillment!

Three Unique Revenue Streams

1) New Customers
  • Draw new customers with expansive product services
2) Existing Customers
  • Revenue sharing from tax preparation and refund fulfillment
  • Earn between 30%-60% of gross revenue
3) New Premiums
  • Convert 10%+ of tax refunds into new policies/premiums
  • Premiums - Commissions and ongoing annuities for your agency